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August Home Maintenance

August Home Maintenance

Those Summer days are coming to an end. This month our home maintenance will focus on the garage and the home systems in and around the area. Here’s what we recommend in August:

Garage Cleaning & Maintenance:

  1. Remove and properly discard all paints and flammables. The nearest waste station to Nocatee is Waste Management Transfer Station 250 N Stratton Rd, St Augustine, FL 32095. Their number is 904.827.6980.
  2. De-clutter, donate, or curb alert unused items in the garage. Organize tools and lawn equipment. Garage storage and organization systems are an added bonus for buyers.
  3. Water Heater Tank: Drain water to remove accumulated sludge and sediment from bottom of tank. Be sure to shut of power prior to draining. Attach a garden hose to drain outside of garage.
  4. Electrical: Check main panel for rust or water marks, which may indicate water penetration. Be sure all breakers are marked to correspond to rooms or appliances that they service.
  5. Flip all breakers to OFF and then ON to be sure that they are all working properly.
  6. Lubricate garage door hinges, rollers, wheels or ball bearings when in down position. Be sure to use a specific garage door lubricant, not WD-40, or schedule a routine service.
  7. Now is a good time to wash and detail your car.
Want to do more? Here are some other items we recommend monthly:
  • Trash cans: bleach outside trash cans and recycle bins, disinfect inside trash cans (monthly)
  • Garbage disposal: run baking soda and citrus fruit rinds through the disposal to freshen the lines and crushed ice to sharpen the blades (monthly)

Keeping up maintenance on your home is the best way to keep the value of your biggest investment. We put these lists together monthly based on what we see in the real estate market and home inspections. Our website has more things you can do in and around your home each month to keep the value of your biggest investment. Taking time to do these things each month can keep you from feeling overwhelmed when you think of selling, and give you peace of mind. Give us a call for a free listing consultation.

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