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July Home Maintenance

July Home Maintenance

We hope you’re having a fun summer! The year is half way over, so for July Home Maintenance, we’ll focus on the heart of your home, the kitchen, for maintenance and annual cleaning. Here’s what we recommend in July:

Kitchen Maintenance & Annual Cleaning:

  1. Remove the range hood vent and soak in dishwater to degrease. Check that the fan is working properly and clean or replace the bulb if necessary.
  2. In your refrigerator, test that your seals around the doors are tight by using a dollar bill to pull out of the door after closing. It should not slide out.
  3. If you have a water filter, now is a good time to replace it.
  4. Pull your refrigerator out from the wall and vacuum behind and underneath.
  5. Wipe the insides of all of your cabinets and drawers and discard any unused dishes or containers without matching lids.
  6. Disinfect trash can and surrounding area.
  7. Clean out and organize junk drawers (we all have them).
  8. Discard products that may have expired and clean your shelves and drawers. You can use a box of baking soda to absorb odors for 3 months.
  9. Discard unused products under the sink. Clean and check for rust or corrosion of pipes and be sure there are no leaks.
  10. Clean your pantry and discard foods or spices that may have expired.
Want to do more? Here are some other items we recommend monthly:
  • Trash cans: bleach outside trash cans and recycle bins, disinfect inside trash cans (monthly)
  • Garbage disposal: run baking soda and citrus fruit rinds through the disposal to freshen the lines and crushed ice to sharpen the blades (monthly)

Keeping up maintenance on your home is the best way to keep the value of your biggest investment. We put these lists together monthly based on what we see in the real estate market and home inspections. Taking time to do these things each month can keep you from feeling overwhelmed when you think of selling, and give you peace of mind.

Call us for recommendations of contractors to do some of these items, since we work with many local contractors. 904.534.9163

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