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September Home Maintenance

September Home Maintenance

We hope you had a great Summer! Now it’s officially Fall and we have some home maintenance items to remind you to do in and around your home. These ten things are recommended in September:

  1. Laundry Room: Clean valve and filter in your washing machine. Check that your dryer vents and hoses are clear of lint.
  2. Under all sinks: clean and discard unused products and check for any faucet or pipe leaks.
  3. Porches and Pavers: ensure pavers are all level and there are no trip hazards from tree roots or loose sand. Now is a good time to re-sand and seal pavers or driveway cracks.
  4. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors: check batteries. Replace detectors over 10 years.
  5. Heating: Have heating system serviced (always do in Fall)
  6. Electrical: test and reset all ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles
  7. Carpets: have professionally cleaned and pull any loose areas tight.
  8. Medicine cabinet: throw away old medications and organize.
  9. Tiled areas: You should check your seals in bathrooms and kitchens, and apply a fresh bead of caulk every 6 months, as necessary.
  10. Lawn & Garden: pull weeds, trim hedges, plant cold-tolerant flowers. Add an excessive layer of mulch to help young and vulnerable plants through the cooler temperatures to come.
Want to do more? Here are some other items we recommend monthly:
  • Trash cans: bleach outside trash cans and recycle bins, disinfect inside trash cans (monthly)
  • Garbage disposal: run baking soda and citrus fruit rinds through the disposal to freshen the lines and crushed ice to sharpen the blades (monthly)

Keeping up maintenance on your home is the best way to keep the value of your biggest investment. We put these lists together monthly based on what we see in the real estate market and home inspections. Taking time to do these things each month can keep you from feeling overwhelmed when you think of selling, and give you peace of mind.

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